Purge the score database? Or do not?

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Purge the score database? Or do not?

Post by scblockout »

I was wandering if it is right to purge the score database to remove old scores (let\'s say, 6 months; it could be a year maybe). That way you keep only the current status of the players.

On the other hand, if you purge old scores you lose the historically best players.

So I\'m not completely sure. Maybe don\'t purge the DB and have different score browsing modes: best scores of all times (like it seems to be now) *and* best scores of last N months, where N may be 1, 3, 6 or 12 (just to say something).

Just some thoughts... :)
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Re:Purge the score database? Or do not?

Post by delacroixp »

It\'s probably worth rewarding the more active players by having a \'very recent\' Hall of Fame.

That said, an annual or bi-annual (6 month) Hall of Fame rewards the regulars without cluttering up the works with \'spurts of passion\'.

Finally, it\'s always nice to see a classic HoF where the all-time greats retire.
Whether the scores are fully comparable from one release to another is always debatable but ultimately irrelevant.

It\'s all good !

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