Now BlockOut2 can be a global success

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Now BlockOut2 can be a global success

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Now when finally the BlockOut2 webpage is on https
and people now not get a warning when they get to BlockOut2 webpage
if it is their first time visiting.

So lets try to make BlockOut2 more popular.
I have a youtube channel where I show people how to play blockout almost up to 100 000. ... ameReality

Please subscribe or like the videos and help me make BlockOut or BlockOut2 more popular.

I also have a BlockOut facebook page you can subscribe to.

If we all get together and log in to a live youtube stream or Twitch or what ever maybe we can get BlockOut popular again.

Can we decide that I do a live Youtube stream as I play BlockOut2
and we all log in to get BlockOut2 popular?

What date and time would you prefer?

The BlockOut2 site is now on https
and do not block or give warnings for people visiting BlockOut2 !!!

Or do anyone else have a suggestion on how we now can make BlockOut2 popular again ?

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