Slightly changed the source code and spent 100-s hours playing

Discuss about Blockout II from Jean-Luc, post your feature requests etc.
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Slightly changed the source code and spent 100-s hours playing

Post by ilw2 »

Hello, I'm new here.
First of all, thanks a lot for such amasing game!

I saw old Blockout game by California Dreams when I was young and I even had no computer at home.

And your remake evokes nostalgia: that is the same game! But completely rewritten for new OS and computers.

Also thanks a lot for the source code: I'm not a professional programmer, but I've been able to make several simple updates to make the game much more attractive for me.
I decided to register on your forum to post my thoughts, maybe someone will find my ideas as interesting as I do.

Several words about my background:
I wrote my version of tetris for windows in 2004, to play it for relax purposes, I played it while watching movies or talking on the phone or just while thinking about my life.

And about 3-4 years ago I got anough time to build your source code and add several simple changes to it. I was bored to play tetris and I decided to change it to Blockout.
That is what I changed in your source code to make it much more interesting for me:
1. To remove increasing the speed feature. I like to look at the polycube (I mean the figure that falls down right now) and to not rush. My comfortable speed now is 5.
2. To make the pit partially filled from start. When you start the game, your goal is to make the pit empty. I'd say, to remove all the starting blocks. As for me, looks much more inspiring goal than to just drop several blocks and... loss.
3. Some simple changes, like hotkeys (esc for pause as I used to play tetris).
I was not so good programmer to be able to make several more changes I'd be glad to see: hint with the next polycube, to make more time for moving after hard drop and several more thoughts.

My the most comfortable setup is 5x5x18, extended, level 5. Enough time to think, enough place to fix mistakes if my drop was wrong.

Let me know what you think about my changes, if I should share my source code/built project or not.
Can it make harm for your online score or not? Should I integrate my changes into the existing game menus to make them optional?

That is how the game start looks like:
blockout_my.png (202.41 KiB) Viewed 5812 times
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Re: Slightly changed the source code and spent 100-s hours playing

Post by MagI »

I think it is great to be able to have many different versions of BlockOut to try out.
But it prefer if it is called something else than BlockOut or BlockOut2 because they want to be true to the original BlockOut.

So your version is to be called BlockOutilw2 or something.

I have a version on GitPod so that anyone can make there own version online in hercs C/C++ code. ... C/BlockOut

Just copy it and do your changes and then upload it to your server.

We are some people who really would like to see BlockOut / BlockOut2 as a e-sport or something .

Please try to make this popular again and start global tournaments.

Regards from Sweden

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