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Version Info - Help info

Post by Renato »

Version Info
Old as I am :s_wink: , I asked myself if I did, or did not download the latest version = 2.4 (yes, when you get old you sometimes forget very important things.

So I looked everywhere in BL to see which version I had. In credits (I expected it there) etc.

Did I overlook the information or is it not visible?
If not, perhaps it is an idea within Credits?

Within Graphics & Sound I can make choises, that\'s very good.
I do not understand \"Frame limiter\" so I was looking for a kind of Help function (which isn\'t there)
Perhaps it\'s an idea?

Cheers :lol:
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Re:Version Info - Help info

Post by jlp_38 »

Hi Renato,

The version is written in the title bar of the window (when you
play in window mode) but you\'re right, I think the release doesn\'t
appear in any other place. I think the Credits page is a good
place. Thanks for the tip ;)

The frame limiter is here to avoid CPU consumption. It is useful
if you play on a laptop, it can save your battery. But in an other
hands, the control reaction speed (reaction to key press) might be
a bit altered.
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