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Get my own ranking website

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:26 pm
by MagI

I would like to challenge kids/friends at schools where I work and would like to get my own BlockOut2 on zip to be able to set up on school pages.
So I would like to change the code so that it upload to my own server and "Blockout II World Rankings" .

Can someone help me with that?
What is the name of the file where the link to your database "" is ?
I guess I need to change where the score is to be sent to.

Can I compile the source code online in a simple way?

Can I then just copy the http code in this website
and set it up on my server?

I am now asking for help on if someone there can help me.
They say I need the server code to the database and http code to be able to get the same "Blockout II World Rankings" page on my server.
Is that code available somewhere?

Or how do I make my own BlockOut2 program and my own "" ?

Regards MagI