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Control speed

Post by Lewyx »

I used to play the original game back when I was young, and I really like Blockout II. There is one issue for me that maybe someone can help me with. I have tried running the game on many different machines and on all of them the controls seem somehow slow compared to the DOS-version. I mean they react fast but somehow a few of the commands tends to get lost. I think it\'s like when I press a key for a rotation, it starts, but if I press and release another rotation key before it finishes then the second rotation is not performed. I only feel the difference in situations where I do something like hitting-and-releasing 5 keys simultaneously (e.g. 3 rotations and up and right) and then the same again, and at least 4 of the commands will not be executed. It\'s as if the old version somehow buffered the commands. Is this just my imagination or do you feel the same? Or is there some setting to compensate for that?
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Re:Control speed

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I played the DOS-version too but apperently not as advanced as you did. I do not perceive a difference. Notice the fact that it is at least 5 years ago I played the DOS version.
Within the \'Graphic and Sound\' settings you can change something on the rotation speed, I myself never tried that.

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Re: Control speed

Post by Mathias »

Hi Lewyx,

re the control speed I had another observation, not as complex as yours, but still a change compared to my old DOS version.
The keyboard repeat rate and delay configured in Windows are not used in Blockout II 2.5, instead it uses some SDL defaults.

To fix this I just hard-coded something like

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SDL_EnableKeyRepeat(200, 15); 
in front of the main loop and it works for me.
Maybe the settings should be taken from Windows or they should just be configurable via UI.

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