A way to define arbitrary block-sets

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Re:A way to define arbitrary block-sets

Post by Herc »

this is a good idea, and can of course be implemented.
maybe if there will be a new release, JeanLucPons might also add your suggestions.
for 2d tetris , you might just for fun check out http://www.gravytris.de - there is a game that has a mode called \"GrowTris\", where the number of blocks per piece increases with the level. until you get huge 64 block sized pieces or rather until you top out.

such a grow- mode for blockout would be interesting, too. there is that blockout version for playstation2 (geomcubes) , that does a somehow similiar thing.
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Re:A way to define arbitrary block-sets

Post by delacroixp »

Sorry to butt-in ...

Blockout has been my all-time favourite eventhough I was chess champion at high school (5 yrs running) and still play a few RTS-style games.
It\'s probably my only aptitude that I score 100% in IQ tests (2D/3D visualization).

That said, I\'ve always enjoyed the Extended block set most but it still takes forever to fill a 7x7 pit and most people prefer the smaller pits like 5x5 or even 3x3.
Perhaps there is room for an Extreme block set which would not only be somewhat bigger than is presently available but would also be more complicated and complex.

I\'ve often thought of Blockout as a primitive flight simulator ... you can fly your block around like a helicopter.
Perhaps support for a joystick input device would allow users to use all 6 rotations.
A second joystick would even permit diagonal movement.

About 10 years ago I toyed with the idea of re-writing and revamping Blockout in Visual C++ and many have tried with limited success.
Maybe the time has arrived to give Blockout a complete make-over rather than a slight facelift ???

It\'s all good !


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