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Do you guys know if there are any blockout tournaments anywhere? Maybe online? I read that there used to be world championships until 2007 somewhere in Germany, but nothing since then. I am a big fan of the game and i think it will be fun for many of us to get together and see what happens. What do you think?
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Re: tournaments?

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I have a idea for a Blockout tournament - create a predefined sequence of the blocks for the 3 classic setups - Flat fun, 3d Mania & Out of control and have everyone download the tournament blockout. Allow only 1 chance in the tournament blockout. The one who gets the highest score wins. It will be fair as everyone got the same sequence of blocks

Other setups out of 3x3x(anything) FLAT/BASIC, (x)x(x)x(anything) EXTENDED can also be considered (1 in each), say have 3x3x8 FLAT, 3x3x6 BASIC & 6x6x14 EXTENDED too
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