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additions to site

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:05 am
by boogaboo

I think the forum still needs some more topics (bugs, feature requests, etc..),

and... the scoring doesn\'t explain how much a flush is worth.. :blush:
Please add it so me (and my followers) will know).

Thnxxx :)

Re:additions to site

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 3:53 pm
by Herc
well, i would like to debate your statement with \"more topics\".

i think rather the reverse is true: currently there are so few visitors to the forum, that it is no problem if you just create a new thread if you have a bug report or feature request. in fact, there are already two threads for both things.

it is important to make things as accessible as possible. and a low visitor forum in my opinion just needs one topic and some more or less active threads.

if you scatter the few posters even across multiple topics, they will get lost and you have a hard time telling where new threads were opened. (ok, not that true, because you have recent posts page...) and it increases the amount of mouse klicks needed to get to the thread and thus also increases loading times, as every time the page has to reload.

so keep it flat and simple.. is my suggestion. maybe in a distant future, if we have 2000+ users here, there is really a need for seperate topics...

dont get me wrong.. i am with you, but we would just need much more visitors. if you have any ideas? maybe posting more links to blockout on gamer websites and forums?

i have an idea: we need a TOP NOTCH out-of-control youtube video from some of you top players here. then we post that video and can attract more newbies to blockout!

Re:additions to site

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 4:47 am
by boogaboo
To attract people, make sure it is found when searching BLOCKOUT, and BLOCKOUT2 (not just \"II\"!!)

Do it on google, do it WELL (insert in a lot of places) in Wiki, and u r done.

I came here after a nostalgic trip to wiki, when I was already playing the original using DosBox..
I almost missed it!! The name Blockout2 should be there, as well as some description of it as an advance from Blockout.. the more the merrier.
And tell ur friends ;)

and... fix the flat fun buggggg
and... send money! :evil: