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Re:Your Blockout Story - post it here!

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Back in 1991 I was in 7th grade, and my uncle started making me and my brother learn DOS on his computer. We had no idea why... until later that year, we received our first computer as a Christmas present from our Grandmother. It was an Emerson with the Intel 80286 processor running at 12.5 mhz, and a 40MB hard drive. (We were thrilled, although we later found out that she made the innocent mistake of buying the 286 instead of the newer 386, which was much more expensive, and she saw no difference.)

Soon after that, a friend of mine introduced us to Blockout and I was immediately hooked! I\'ve played it on and off for over 20 years, never venturing too much into the extended blockset, but still enjoying myself. The other day I decided to look for Blockout again, not having installed it on my last two computers. I was thrilled to find this website! I still can\'t get Blockout II to work correctly on my laptop, but I was able to get the original version to work with the help of Dosbox and I\'m having a ton of fun, and getting absolutely nothing accomplished at work today!
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Re: Your Blockout Story - post it here!

Post by Jack »

I got my first PC when I was in primary school as a gift from my uncle. It was an i286 PC. There were several games. Civilization and Blockout were the ones I spent all day long on.

I like geometry so I loved Blockout from the first moment. I don’t remember my scores. But I do remember a special feeling back to those times when manipulating 3d objects gives you some sort of magic power :)

Late in school I was constantly buying/selling and upgrading my computers (386 -> Pentium -> Pentium 2). And new games took place in my life.

Since 2012 I have been occasionally studying game dev as a hobby. In 2014 I got an idea for a game inspired by Blockout. I did a prototype back then but put it aside. And a month ago I decided to revive and finish it.

And the first thing I started doing was looking for an old Blokout game to play it. That’s how I came here. But unfortunately the source cannot be compiled on modern mac. And I’ve started porting it to mac (WIP). So hopefully I and maybe some other mac users can play almost a “classic” version again.
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Re: Your Blockout Story - post it here!

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Well we played Tetris at school 1990 and I was pretty good.
Then we got BlockOut and it was like just right for me.
Lots of people at school said it was to had and the level "Out of control" was just not that many who even tried.
But for me it was just pure happyness.
The best at school were around 30 000 to 50 000 points at level "Out of control".
I was playing around 100 000 points at level "Out of control" all the time and people and teachers were impressed.
The teachers said that I seriously had to study at university and study relativity theory,
because I can maybe be able to imagin space/time geometry and it would probably fit me.
So I now have a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from LTH of Sweden and have my own idea on how it maybe is possible to explain
quantum physics with space/time geometry.
For about 5 years ago I happened to find the original BlockOut code and that I could play it in a browser DOS emulator.
But I could not rank my score with others.
Then I found BlockOut2 that can do that and found out that I was one of the top players in the world.
I am around number 30 on level "Out of control" here with my name "MagI". ... etupid=458

But people need to download and install it and I wanted people to be able to play it in a browser
and then get the score uploaded to a global ranking webpage.

So for some months ago I found a source code for a BlockOut in JavaScript and HTML5.
And it work quite perfect....

So with friends it now save score to both cookies in your browser and to a SQL database on a server
to be able to rank your score with people from all over the world.

You can also play it on your phone and swipe to move and rotate and double tap to drop cubes.

But I would like to get more people to help me make the code look and work more like the original code and to get more of the server test code to be able to control score just as in the BlockOut2.
So if you want to help me just contact me.
Most of the code is on GitHub here.

I really would like to get this code to work just like BlockOut2 and to get the SQL scoreboard to work as in the BlockOut2 World Ranking page.

Any help would be greate.


M.Sc. MagI
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