World Ranking section crash

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Alister Crowley
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World Ranking section crash

Post by Alister Crowley »

Hello. I noticed few top-players in Out Of Control mode do not mapping at world ranking section anymore. Is this some bug or what?
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Re:World Ranking section crash

Post by scblockout »

Hi, sorry about one month delay. I am the only active (well, sort of!) admin here and I couldn\'t find an option to subscribe to the forum and get notified about new messages by email.

On topic: I guess you are talking about MRo. Seems that he didn\'t upload at least 5 scores in the last 2 years; that\'s a requirement to make it into the World Ranking (we don\'t want old inactive players to be listed). Anyway, you can see his scores in the Online Score Database.

Back to stuff: original maintainers are not here anymore, at least not actively. Web is kind of old (we don\'t even have a Facebook Like button!) and application has some unresolved issues (Windows 7, some graphics card).
We have the code but unfortunately is not complete; the replay stuff is not available and it is required for score uploading.
I could probably get in touch with original coders, maybe they are willing to send me the missing parts.
But I don\'t have too much available time, not even to play a little Blockout at competitive level... :S
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