A serious 3DMania competitor

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A serious 3DMania competitor

Post by jlp_38 »

Hi there B)

Congratulations to witek for the 2nd place in 3DMania :s_bravo:

Promising match between Fred and witek in perspective...
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Re:A serious 3DMania competitor

Post by fredjust »

Yes, I lost my 2° place :angry:

And Witek play very fast 70 block by min and 4.6 move / block !
so 5.3 key press by second !

me only 68 BPM
but 3.7 move/block (and less move/block is an advantage)
=> 4.2 key press by second !

and for dmahser the n°1
62.4 and 3.8 => 3.9 key press by second

Witek will take the first place soon :s_bad:
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Re:A serious 3DMania competitor

Post by witek »

Thanks authors, I am happy. But it\'s not my old high-score. I try to back in the my old form:)
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