Gondran's unusually high BPM

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Gondran's unusually high BPM

Post by amit »

Gondran took the top spot in 5x5x7 & 5x5x8 Extended modes from me, but I see something very strange in his high scores

Gondran made a score of 367367 in 5x5x8 Extended, but his BPM there was 90.1 :shock: I have seen BPM's are usually 40-50 of most players. Alastair Crowley (sc) has a BPM of 52 and even that looked strange initally before Alastair confirmed it himself. But Gondran's BPM smashes the old record and gets BPM of 90+ which looks very strange

Also another strange thing I noticed was that this score of 229072 in 5x5x8 Extended comes in recent scores ( http://www.blockout.net/blockout2/advst ... reid=62726 ), but the same score doesn't come in high scores ( http://www.blockout.net/blockout2/choos ... =5&depth=8 )

Not just that, but Gondran has BPM of 84.1 in a score of 287858 in 5x5x8 Extended, BPM of 65.8 in a score of 272580 in 5x5x7 Extended where he broke my record and a BPM of 67.4 in a score of 255246 in 5x5x7 Extended

Another strange thing I noticed was Gondran hasn't uploaded any high scores in 5x5x9 Extended & Out of control modes

I hope Gondran gives a clarification. BPM in 50s is possible, but BPM of 80+ does look fishy
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Re: Gondran's unusually high BPM

Post by SideWinder »

I also have BPM's of 80+, Basic though, not Extended. But it is possible, I even uploaded a video once :-)

Did you have a look at the highscores? Are they weirdly computer-AI-like? No errors at all?

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Re: Gondran's unusually high BPM

Post by Alister Crowley »

Just see replay with 90.1 BPM. Very very unrealistic. Maybe it's new era players. :) Some figures drops in the right place almoist instatnly after they appears on the screen.
And Basic with 3X3 setup noy the same as 5X5 Extended at all. You need move figures to the sides and that's affect bpm the most. So 90 and even 70 BPM on 5X5 setup looks very unrealistic to me.
1st place in 5X5X8 in basic is 55. So this looks very strange at least..
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