Q4TRO - 3D Interaction Experiment for 3D puzzles
Written by Andre   
Saturday, 21 July 2007

Q4TRO from www.imaginovation.com is an experiment in immersive and interactive 3D puzzle worlds. The goal was to create and explore new ways to interact with Objects in a 3D world, with the goal to prove Alexey Pajitnov wrong, who raised skepticism in a LA Times interview that, although a 3D puzzle games look "very good on the screen", "our brains haven't adapted. People have problems with 3-D." That this is wrong at least for regular Blockout gamers can be seen easily while exploring the Blockout II online highscore database. There are top notch Blockout players here in the forum and on the highscore list, that can easily handle even the complex, 3dimensional Pentominoes. But Alexey's statement may still hold for the average non-gamer. The Imaginovation Team tried to make 3D interactive worlds more accessible to the average computer user. Check their website and make your own judgement. I personally found it very interesting and the "X-Ray" mode a real innovation regarding 3D Tetris. It allows you to see through pieces in your pit by making them transparent and thus allows you to see where you left holes during your stacking.

Q4TRO at www.imaginovation.com