476K in Extended - extraordinary game by HBein

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476K in Extended - extraordinary game by HBein

Postby amit » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:56 am

Just saw replay of recently uploaded score of 476K in 7x7x18 extended by HBein, which is the highest score in extended in Blockout 2

9 x5's, this is something which I always wanted to do in blockout in large pits. Also he was able to play in level 10 as well and got a x5 when playing at level 10. A bit more practice and he can get the 500K in extended too

Sadly my highest in extended is just 414K :( I wish I could get these extraordinary scores in excess of 450K+ too. In 7x7x18 extended, my highest was just 352K :(
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