Keyboard auto-repeat: initial delay too long

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Keyboard auto-repeat: initial delay too long

Postby TonyK » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:53 pm

I have a problem with Blockout on my new WIndows 10 laptop: I set the keyboard auto-repeat delay to the minimum possible, and this works fine on most apps; but Blockout is using a much slower auto-repeat delay, as if I hadn't changed the system setting at all. It worked for me on my old Windows 7 laptop.

Has anybody else met this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions? So far, I have done the following:

Control Panel -> Search "keyboard" -> click on "Change cursor blink rate" (brings up "Keyboard Properties" dialog box) -> Repeat delay = short, Repeat rate = fast -> Apply -> OK

Like I said, this works on most apps: keyboard auto-repeat is fast. But not for Blockout.
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