MemIQTetris - What will it cost in USD

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MemIQTetris - What will it cost in USD

Postby sam-paul » Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:06 pm

Customized / modificated version of 3D tetris

Who can take such an assignment?

With a little tweaking 3D Tetris can use working memory / short-term memory much more. This is interesting for us that trains memory, IQ or counteracts aging limitations. There are some research evidence that such works. But methods such as dual n-back is boring, monotonous and not intense. I have several ideas to do something about it.

I will try to raise money for such a project. However, I need to know what it will cost.

The change is about pieces that can go through the pieces that are placed. Then they close the holes and formations we do not see. But as we remember. Pieces over will then be gone. It must give a lot of points to stimulate the player to remember where the holes are.

I call it 3D MemIQTetris. :-)

It will be open source.

Hope my English is understandable
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