Blockout should be recognised as a E-sport

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Blockout should be recognised as a E-sport

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E-sports have got popular in recent years with many video games there, but Blockout, a game which tests skills and spatial intelligence doesn't have any recognition at international level. Even Tetris, has a World championship every year but Blockout despite giving extra challenge with the 3rd dimension and Extended block set, doesn't have anything to show

There used to be Blockout world championships every year from 1997-2007 in Germany where original Blockout used to be played but since 2007, there has been no tournaments for Blockout players to show their skills using any Blockout version

Extended block set has a different skillset and it should be recognised as a E-sport with a Blockout World championship being held. Even other setups like 3D Mania have their own skillsets and that should be recognised too with Blockout World championship. We already see different types of setups have different types of champions, so everyone can get recognition through Blockout World championship
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Re: Blockout should be recognised as a E-sport

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We must try to gather a price for the winner.
I can give 100 USD.

Lets set up some kind of tournament or something in BlockOut.

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Re: Blockout should be recognised as a E-sport

Post by SideWinder »

Sounds like a great idea :-)

Don't you think that the audience and the player community are simply too small for such an event? 3D Mania is currently played by two players who can reach 200K+ scores. If one doesn't show up, the other one is immediately the winner. But maybe an event would get some players from the past back to the game :)
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