BlockOut II ported to Playstation Vita (GekiHEN contest)

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BlockOut II ported to Playstation Vita (GekiHEN contest)

Postby bomblik » Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:08 pm

Dear BlockOut II fans,

Port of BlockOut II for Playstation VIta is now available. This is GekiHEN contest entry and I strongly recommend you to vote for that project when the contest is over :) ... lockOut-II

Now you can practice and beat your records anywhere! :)


The game has an option to upload user scores to the game server, but that option is only included in binary releases for pc.
Reverse engineering of 'reply file' content and communication protocol is needed in order to upload user scores from PS VITA port of the game.

Would anybody be willing to help me with 'upload functionality'? I think we could add this functionality without compromising Author's intention to keep it secret, so that it would be included in a binary form to that port.

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