8 x5's

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8 x5's

Postby amit » Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:27 am

while trying to break & eventually ending up breaking the 7x7x18 EXTENDED record by getting 315K, i looked up at the scores & saw that i had to make a 7 x5 to get there and thought whether 8 x5 or even higher would be possible. they might have been done in the earlier blockout looking at some extraordinary scores on blockout.de . is there anyone who has done 8 x5\'s here. i couldnt find any on the 7x7x18 EXTENDED high scores list(i myself had to get 7 x5\'s to break that record)

its only in the extended block set that doing x5\'s is possible & u have to play in 6x6 or 7x7 pits with large depths to get a series of x5\'s. in shorter depths to prevent the blocks from reaching the \"top\", some x3\'s & x4\'s become unavoidable. although getting 8 x5\'s should be possible. and to get a 8 x5 on a 7x7 pit, 1960 blocks would need to be played & u will be on level 9(irrespective of which level u started on) and for 9 or more x5, the level 10(skull level) will appear and placing blocks when in extended on level 10 is almost impossible

and is there anyone who has ever done 8 x5\'s or even higher???
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Re:8 x5's

Postby MRo » Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:18 pm

I just managed to do 8x5 in extended 6x6x18.
No luck so far in 7x7x18...

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Re:8 x5's

Postby amit » Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:54 pm

even i managed a 8 x5 in 6x6x18 EXTENDED :D

still no luck in the 7x7x18 extended. i am thinking of trying out 7x6x18 extended to c if i can get it there(i dont play irregular pit sizes though, just for a try there)
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Re:8 x5's

Postby Jacey » Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:59 am

The Letter

The following day was dull and foggy.The Hall was sur rounded by heavy,low clouds,which opened now and then to show the grim,cold moor and its wet,grey rocks.The weather made us miserable.It was difficult to be cheerful when we felt danger all around us.I thougth of Sir Charles\'death,and the awful sound of the hound,which I had now heard twice.Holmes did not believe that there was a supernatural hound.But facts are facts,and I had heard a hound.Was there a huge hound living on the moor?If so,where could it hide?Where did it get its food?Why was it never seen by day? It was almost as difficult to accept a natural explanation as a su pernatural explanation. (maple story mesos)

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\'What do you say,Watson?\' asked Sir Henry,turning to me.

\'I don\'t think he will break into houses,or cause trouble.If he did,the police would know where to look for him and would catch him.He\'s not a stupid man.\'

\'I hope you\'re right,\'said Sir Henry.\'I\'m sure we\'re breaking the law.But I don\'t want to get Barrymore and his wife into trouble,so I shall not tell the police.I shall leave Selden in peace.\'

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Sir Henry and I jumped up at once. wow gold

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\'No,sir,I don\'t know that,but I know why he was waiting at the gate He was going to meet a woman.\'

\'Sir Charles was meeting a woman?Who was the woman?\'

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\'How do you know this,Barrymore?\'I asked.

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\'She\'s Mr Frankland\'s daughter.\'

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Dr Mortimer wanted to know why I was asking about Mrs Lyons.However,I preferred to keep the reason secret,and we talked about other things for the rest of the journey.

Only one other thing of interest happened that day.In the evening after dinner I had a few words with Barrymore alone.I asked him whether Selden had left the country.

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\'Did you see him then?\'

\'No,sir,but the food and clothes were gone when I next went that way,\'Barrymore told me.

\'Then Selden was certainly there?\'I asked.

\'I think so,sir,unless the other man took everything.\'

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\'No,sir,but Selden told me about him a week or more ago.He is hiding from someone,too,but he is not an escaped prisoner.I don\'t like it,sir.Something evil is going to happen,I\'m sure.Sir Henry would be much safer in London.\'

\'Did Selden tell you anything more about the other man?\'I asked.

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I also decided to hunt the man on my own.Sir Henry was still shaken by the terrible cry we had heard on the moor.I did not want to add to his troubles or to lead him into more danger.
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Re:8 x5's

Postby amit » Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:02 pm

@mro, r u michael ringel of blockout.de ???

or by any chance r u this guy rothe.michael -

5 5 10 96 rothe.michael 271906 09.11.1999 863.45 65.20

that was from the oor scores of out of control on blockout.de
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Re:8 x5's

Postby MRo » Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:29 pm

I am Michael Rothe, and that OOR score is probably mine, but an old and fairly low one.
I also was the first with a 300k+ score in OutOfControl on blockout.de, but they removed it later without explanation.
I sent other, higher scores to blockout.de, but they didn\'t put them in their list.
Frankly, I am not very happy with their deliberate selection of scores, and this separation in \'people who reach their scores the ordinary way\' and the OOR crowd, which is thus implied to reach their scores in another way (read: cheating).

Cheers, Michael
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Re:8 x5's

Postby amit » Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:36 am

even i dont seem to understand their high score list, but they seem to be dominated by some super high scores of over 400k+ in extended. vanhaaften.lennart has a top score of 650k:ohmy: in 7x7x17 extended there and 417k in out of control

and whats the need of having 2 high score lists on blockout.de. in the oor category, the lowest score in top 100 is 268k in out of control & the highest in fan category is 239k. what about those who have scores between 239k & 268k in out of control

and have u ever made a 400k+ score in extended. i am aiming for that now
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Re:8 x5's

Postby amit » Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:29 pm

and i get back the 7x7x18 extended record getting a score of 341k:s_bravo:

forget 8 x5\'s. start at level 8, even x4\'s r as good enough. when i broke the 6x6x18 extended record & the 7x7x18 extended records, only 4 x5\'s were enough. at level 7 start like what everyone(including even me) did earlier, u needed to make series of x5\'s to get the high score

looks like those guys at blockout.de started at level 8 and made series of x5\'s. that explains some of the 400k+ scores in extended. i calculated that & if u get 8 x5\'s at 7x7x18 extended after starting at level 8, ur score will be about 410k. and a few more lines and the game would end at something around 420k-430k. and can someone bring vanhaaften.lennart of blockout.de here. i want to c some of his stats of his high-scores & also his bpm
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